Tuesday, April 20, 2010


May this post find you all in good health and spirits. I had a wonderful experience today fulfilling an assignment for my biology class at College of the redwoods in Eureka, CA. The assignment: to take a hike and observe various life forms and gather data on their Genus, Phylum and Sub-phylum information.
I am very fortunate that I am surrounded by nature. The Six Rivers Forest stretches out for miles and miles. I was writing information on Madrone trees, Oak trees and Douglas fir, when I saw the most interesting worm I've ever seen. I have named this worm: "Wormzilla." Wormzilla has markings similar to a king snake. It has a reddish head, and its body is pale white with black/gray patterning on it. If anyone knows what this worm is really called I'd love to know.

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